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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Just another day

Today was our de-Christmasing day.

We fortified ourselves with cheesetoast and jam, OJ and in my case, coffee, as we knew it would be a slogger, then we did the usual bedmaking and dishwasher management, showered and dressed.

I had already lost my incentive by this time, but Dave was coming in the door with a red metal dolly carrying huge plastic bins filled with the stuff we had to move out of the way to find room for our Christmas glitter and shine, so although it was only hours from noon, I had a fortifying glass of wine and got to the business of identifying everything that had to be packed and re-consigned to our locker in the basement.

We had ziploc bags for the unbreakable stuff, and soon there was a bag for each of these whimsical categories:

  • Christmas trees of all sizes and links-to-reality
  • Santa Clauses of the traditional, slightly wonky and definitely scary types
  • stars of wood, metal, glass, sparkly unknown material, paper and tin
  • reindeers ( I know, weird, eh?) of various sizes, vintage and media
  • Mexican wood creche articles and straw we've had since 1975
  • snowglobes musical and not, some peopled, some animalled and some angelled
  • angels of the same range as the stars
  • sparkly and unsparkly candles
  • metallic ribbon and garlands of stars and snowflakes
  • globes, crystals and tinsel from the tree (which is about 3 ft tall and made from treelimbs of some black stuff and a kajillion tiny mirrors)
We also had a bag that was a catchall for things that don't, as hard as that is to imagine, fit in the above categories, a huge one for our wreath, and several Christmas bags full of Christmas bags.

We re-fortified ouselves with fried egg sandwiches and raw carrots and replaced all our ordinary year-round stuff; at least one of us had a nap, then we ordered Chinese and watched a Woody Allen movie.

Just another day.  



  1. Can I borrow a cup of ambition?? Sounds like you had a good productive day!!! Congrats!!!!

  2. We also had cheese toast yesterday -- for supper as it turned out. Fried egg sandwiches sound good too.

  3. You've got your house back!
    Everett wasn't here to put up and decorate the tree this year, so I didn't bother. I have a pretty origami paper tree that stands about 5 inches tall, and a string of flashing coloured lights, and some beeswax candles of the wise men and Santa, and a felt-covered snowman, and ... well, ok, I admit I basically took out the things that were set on top of everything else in the big "Christmas" trunk and left the rest in there. So it will be quick to put them away. But then, I might not get around to it till Easter.

  4. My Christmas stuff is still scattered hither and thither around the house and will stay for another week or two until I find the energy to deal with it. Silly activities like walking around and breathing are taking all the energy I have these days...damn cold!