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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Exploration, discovery and solution

On New Year's Day, Dave and Robyn went for a walk.
I had thought I'd reeeeelax while they were gone, but couldn't resist going out after them. They had just decided not to go down the hill toward the creek, and can just be seen way, way down under a tree. This field is just beside us, and on the right you can see the creek that separates our building from the field. Foreground is a clubhouse used by people who bravely and otherwise use the creek for kayaking

Just before I took this photo, Dave had pulled Robyn back up to where I was, and just after, we went in search of rabbits, of which we found only tracks.

This walk was when I discovered that one of my new boots was letting snow in next to the zipper. The boots have great traction though, so I'm hoping Dave can strongarm or sweettalk Mikes Work Wearhouse into giving me another pair.  Dave always tries sweettalk first, but he always seems to get what he wants when he's returning something, so I'll just stay home and try to reeelax while he's out doing that tomorrow.
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