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Friday, 24 February 2012

A California Primer

The alphabet of our trip so far: A. Awesomely Amazing trip along the Coastal Highway(I didn't scream once) B. Brilliant decision To turn back when all five lanes of the Santa Monica Blvd stopped moving at 4:02 p.m. C. Calamitous decision to try to post from an IPad. D. Delicious dinner at Wolfgang Puck's Express,four cheese macaroni,chardonnay and vanilla lemon coconut cake E. Elephant seals, hundreds of them on the beach at Big Sur F. Flexibility,family and friends G. Goldarn goodies at Whole Foods H. half-pathetic experience at Venice Beach---few crazies, no nudes I. Incandescent sunsets, no sunrises so far J. Java, java everywhere, but no Tim Horton's (Peet's coffee is my favorite so far) K. Karmel! I've already used the "C" L. Los Angeles at night---the jaw drops! M. maximum exposure to gross, yet inviting, consumerism N. Notorious gadding-about in SN Francisco O. Obnoxious security guards, but that was eight days ago. NO! I'm still mad! P. precious little time devoted to reading Q. Queries about my accent---pshaw, you know I don't have one R. Redondo Beach, where we are right now, a block from a dog-free, beautiful beach.. with pelicans and dolphins S. Sunshine every day so far T. Terrible sense of entitlement, to which I feel we're entitled U. Ubiquitous Californianess V. Vistas of the most terrifyingly beautiful coastline imaginable---I should have used "T" for twisty W. Washed-out travelers X. In california, no "X's" are used Y. You bet we're enjoying it Z. In California, when you are tired, you don't have to play fair


  1. I think you're having a good time. Sorry to break it to you though, but you are missing quite an impressive snow storm.

  2. Masterful job here, Lorna!