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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Up and Down in Oakland

There's no mirror in the bedroom of the room we have in the condoloft in Oakland. I had to turn on my laptop videocam to comb my hair.

Not too bad for "on the downside".  On the upside we met our charming cousin Chris who probably wasn't even born the last time I was at a family reunion, and his charming dog Jackson, and Dave, Chris and Jackson went hiking up along the ridge---at least I think that's where they went---and saw an amazing sunset.  Dave took photos, which we may, on the upside, be able to download and post later this week. And by "this week", I mean our week, which started on a Tuesday.

Today we're meeting the Rhodester and Dorian to get a guided tour of The Castro and the Haight.  It has been amazing, meeting in person the people I've known online for so long.  They all seem to like Dave for some reason, so the social niceties are easily taken care of.

We had wanted to tour Alcatraz, but this is the President's Day long weekend, and we would have had to get our tickets 10 days ago, which of course, we could have done online from Ottawa.  Our inability to do that has made our "this holiday couldn't be better" attitude kick in, and we just know that we weren't destined to look over the place where Alcatraz the TV series has made the bad old days seem so vivid.

I had a few minutes to blog while Dave was shaving and showering (pause here for gentle, kindly laughter about the combo of Dave, razor, shower and time) but I think I have to get ready for breakfast and an exciting day in San Francisco.


  1. YAY! Getting ready ourselves to meet you at La Boulange at noon, as has been ordained by the prophets. We'll get up to Haight and Castro today as you mentioned, and possibly a few other things if time permits.

    Here's a tip.. when you get on Bart from Oakland and the train plunges into the darkness from the elevated side of the platform on that side of the bay, give it about eight minutes and then wave out the window to your right. You'll be in a tube on the bay floor at the foot of Treasure Island with Alcatraz out further to your right. It probably won't be the greatest view though.

  2. Wow, a dog named Jackson *hmmmm*

  3. "I had to turn my laptop videocam on to comb my hair"!?! You're a girly Macgyver; I love it. Alcatraz doesn't have any mirrors either - I'm just saying...xoxoxS

  4. -----> !! Pictures yet to come, when you send them to me :-)

  5. Sounds like you both are having a great time. I have never been to San Francisco myself but others rave about it and travelogue really make it inviting

  6. See, I do read blogs sometimes, but yours is the last look-see tonight. Hopefully you are sound asleep in the guest bedroom of my house.

  7. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself!!!!! I envy you!!!!