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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

How to...101

Here I am in the midst of something I would not only fail to recommend but would speak strongly against.

I've unbalanced my life.  I hope it's temporary, and probably because I'm aware of it, it is.

Dave and I are going on holiday next week, our daughter Emily is testing for her somecolour belt at the dojo, our daughter Sarah has been away for 10 days and we haven't caught up yet, our son just started a new job, I took on a volunteer project that I'm totally capable of doing without a bead of sweat if I were in another timeframe and Dave has developed an addiction to online Solitaire.

Somewhere in there I'm hoping to get the fridge and the plants ready to be left alone for 3 weeks, find my last year's sandals, get my eyelashes tinted (well, you can't expect me to travel with eye make-up remover!), tone my upper arms and ensure my e-reader has lots of tasty content.

Oh yeah, check camera batteries, cut Dave's hair, return borrowed books, find industrial clippers for toenails, make soup for sick neighbour, see at least one of the plays at our regional theatre, catch up with my friends Evelyn, Mieke, Janine, Robert, and so on, make a ToDo list.

Hmmm, I've got seven days to do all that.  Think I'll take a nice glass of lime cordial and read for an hour or so.


  1. Sounds like a lot of stress and pressure in order to be ready to go, but I trust it will be worth it in the end. Enjoy!

  2. You can do it...right after a lime cordial...or two.

  3. Dave's haircut - check! And what a lovely job you did. And what a chance to say how much I've appreciated having you as my barber - nay, hair stylist, lo these many decades . . . or, few years, depending on how you are feeling about aging as you read this. Had I been able, when we met, to look forward and list all the pros and cons for entering into a longterm - i.e. at least several years - relationship, having a live-in hair stylist would have been up there on the pros side; of course, way below some things better not mentioned in public, but there nonetheless. No worrying if the same stylist would be available when I arrived for my appointment; no worry about her cutting my hair her way no matter my instructions; no worry about coming home to my wife's horror with a shaven head . . . well, except that once, but I'll let Lorna tell that story. All in all, every breakfast in bed, every coffee carefully measured and brewed, they've all been worth it - and even if you weren't my live-in hair stylist, just my live-in lover, co-worker, best friend, spouse, partner-for-life (I think that was the sequence), thank you my dear!

    Your other fraction - just about 1/2 today - just about right!

  4. In case you were dying to know - I'm testing for my purple belt in Kenzen Budo Jui Jitsu and my Silver Certification in Kick Boxing... both on Sunday! I think both tests are 90 minutes long, if I'm not mistaken, but who's counting. :)

    PS I would have "liked" Anonymous' comment if there were an option.

  5. If you're looking for sandals, you must have a nice break planned. Sounds good.

  6. My short comment of all that if it were my list, is GOOD LUCK!!!

    Hope you recover fast so you can enjoy your BREAK which I assume is not sleeping for a week. Put a little something extra in that cordial!!!