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Friday, 3 February 2012

7 days makes 1 weak

How did it get to be Friday again?

Of course, it's early, early Friday but Friday nonetheless and another week has zipped by.

Friday didn't used to be my counting-by day; that's just happened because Emily and Robyn stay over on Friday and it's probably the one constant in our lives these days.  It's a warm and charming constant, something I look forward to every week, but it's a passive, rather than an active, event.

When I look back on our family life, I can see different timeframes, different counting-by days:

  • when I was living at home with my parents, the week started with Sunday mass, which coincidentally meant some kind of roasted meat later in the day.  That just led us easily into Monday back-to-school, library day, Brownies, washing day and back to Saturday night Bonanza.
  • when I was a teenager, my week started with Saturday morning pouting and culminated with Friday night at the Teen Club and the stuff in between didn't seem to have any weight whatsoever.
  • as a young married person, and until I had children, the week started when we slept in on Sunday, had dinner with the family, work,work,work and Star Trek on Fridays.  Saturday was the day for getting "the stuff" done, the washing, cleaning the car, catching up with the papers, rotating the library books and seeing a movie.
  • once I had kids, when they were babies, I sometimes didn't know what day of the week it was, but I knew the days of the week in German, and got to do my marketing in the village every day but Sunday; try anything else if your fridge is waist high and has no freezing compartment
  • kids in school, our week started on Saturday morning, when we would put our TV in the big square hall outside our bedroom so the kids could watch but still be heard if we weren't sleeping, and would end Friday night when the kids finished their hamburgers or pizza and looked forward to the no-schoolness of the weekend, Oh, and Star Trek (the ongoing series on Fridays)
  • ten years into our 4-person family, along comes Emily and our week revolves around whichever day we all get to sit down together for dinner
  • years of that
  • Dave and I retire, and in spite of our careful planning, our week now starts on any day whatsoever, and with the Condo Board, PFLAG Canada, our son's trucking schedule, our daughters' young-parents' schedule, our electronic pals, our sketchy naps and The Walking Dead, our week recycles itself when Dave makes Eggs Florentine.  


  1. Another very clever idea for a post: a little history thru a certain lens.

  2. Great post!! So glad I found u here.
    Signed your electronic friend. ;D.

  3. Lorna, I get the feeling that no matter what day your week began, that you embrace the memory of it. Details, sequences, even lapses of time, filed carefully away for the retelling.