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Thursday, 22 March 2012

L and D and San Francisco

Did I mention that Dave and I took a trip to California?  We spent a week in San Francisco, a week in LA and a week (with my sister Kathy and her Bob) in San Diego.  We embellished the trip with visits with cousins Gail and Del, while wining and dining. We finished it off with a visit to our friends who live in a 17-foot trailer while they trek in the wilds of the US for 6 months a year, and another to the folks-who-would-be-our-friends if we lived in Hollywood.  Over all of that time, we had no fights and only one meal we regretted.

In San Francisco, I took few pictures, but the ones I did shoot were mostly videos of my feet with windblown conversation in the background, powered by mystery takeovers of the camera hanging off my wrist.

We loved San Francisco, did not get to tour Alcatraz, but did get to do the following:

  • zipped around the winding and narrow locally-used ridge long-cuts at about 100 miles an hour
  • made a heart-stopping, jaw-dropping stop, with 3 feet between us and certain death to see Oakland and San Francisco and a sunset, all in one
  • were spoiled, educated and cared for by a friend who was preparing for a long weekend with 13 dogs, but didn't let that stop her generosity
  • took the BART train on an interminable under-the-Bay ride from Oakland to San Francisco, got spoiled, educated and cared for by two friends who know and love San Francisco and used a fine mix of knowledge, humour and teasing to show us just enough wonderful places to persuade us we need to go back.  And they took us to good places to eat.   
Click here for some of the highlights of our first week.  The first video is 11 seconds of feet and voice , the second equally short of me rendered clueless and motionless by the sound of water.  Really, it's a "true me" experience.


  1. I want to know what kind of meal is "regrettable." You got food poisoning?

  2. We're all happy over here that you up there had a nice time while visiting us down here! Humor and teasing, eh? I guess we did that. HAHA! Come back sometime, k?

  3. I envy you your trip. I left my heart in San Francisco decades ago!!!!