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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Manifestations of Lorna and Dave, San Francisco to Los Angeles (part one):

Lorna and Dave as Responsible Consumers
(Easy for at least one of us)
We start our drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, determined to make the most of the rugged beauty, stopping at a couple of galleries, at a high-end resort where we lunch overlooking majestic grandeur, ending up around dinner time at the hotel/motel where we have reservations in Carmel.

 To get to the reception area, we have driven past a collection of weathered, almost shanty-looking cabins reminiscent of 1950. The alarm on my face shows, and Dave makes a hasty promise that we won't stay if we don't like it (meaning if I don't like it).  The desk person offers us an upgrade even before we see the room in the hotel part of the site, which doesn't help my short breathing in the least.  Surprisingly, the room we reserved, while hidden behind shaky-looking paint and walkway on the second floor, is clean, attractive and restores my belief in internet photos.

Then we walk over to the cottage, which is the upgrade, to find an absolutely charming place with new tiles, a gas fireplace, 4 chairs, a totally modern bathroom and a coffee machine that has its own grinder for beans.  Oh and the bed is covered in what looks like a hand-sewn quilt.  I look out and see more charm---a lovely little garden with a fire pit, a fountain, wrought iron tables and chairs and flowers galore.

We take it---me worried that some sort of fraud police is going to find we got the place for under $100/night.  Our Carmel experience hits its zenith when we find a lovely wicker basket with linen, china and silver sitting next to two crystal wineglasses.  We spend the evening with our feet up on the low mantelpiece, sitting in comfy chairs with faux-mink throws, reading.  Carmel isn't in the least shabby, as we find out the next day, but it doesn't live up to our cottage, as I begin to think of it.  However, we move on.

Lorna and Dave as Nature Lovers
Also easy for at least one of us

As we were promised, we eventually got to Elephant Seal Beach, parked and  walked down towards the water, where I was horrified to see a beach covered in large dead animals.  

Oh wait, they're not dead, they just look that way to a rank outsider.

And relieved, sated, windblown, righteous for having donated to the Friends of the Elephant Seals, we drive down to stay with our friend Fran in Redondo Beach. be continued  


  1. Very nice, glad to read about your trip... somehow it seems we didn't really talk about it much. Funny, eh?

  2. Life is so full of surprises! I'm so glad these were happy ones!

  3. Wow, sounds like a wonderful adventure!!

  4. You'll have to give me the name of that motel in Carmel. I absolutely love the photos you posted. That is my kind of place. I forgot to ask you while you were here if any of the elephant seals were mating. I've seen that and it is frightening.

  5. Dad used to take us all to vacation in Redondo when I was a kid in the sixties. Then, as an adult, I'd go up there once in a while. It's changed, as has everything.

  6. Thank you!!! I love Carmel and envy you your experience!!!!

    And I love Fran -- and absolutely can't wait to hear more about your visit with her!!!!

  7. Catching up on my reading, I read all of your California trip blogs. I love d the small plate idea. I think a popula chain with me, Red Lobster, has adopted that idea, maybe not what you meant.

    I enjoyed the blogs because I have never been to California, even though I have numerous cousins and once had aunts and uncles who have passed away. A lot of us in US describe California as the eccentric state, almost another world, competing with Florida for similar "honors."

    Truthfully, the US, and I bet Canada,too, is a wonderfully diverse country with different cultures and peoples, united into one country. Our recent trip to South Dakota reinforced this to me