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Monday, 11 June 2012

First disclaimer of the week

Julia (not the poster)

Last week, I received in my e-mail a first draft of a poster that Julia was working on, and on which she wanted our input.  My input was (to her) this is adorable as is (and to me) this will make a great blog post.

She sent it to me as a .pdf, with which I'm  familiar but only on a very superficial basis and after much searching of the internet I found that I couldn't incorporate it into the post.  I think "sucky" was the term I came up with to deal with that.

My next action: (winsomely) "Dave, what is a .pdf?"
Dave's reply: "pretty damn foolproof !"

My next action:  (after a bout of pouting and keyboard-pounding) create this post and buy some time.

Your next action:  please stay tuned while I figure it out.


  1. You want to convert a pdf to a jpeg to post here? I can do that. Send it here if you like.

  2. Anvilcloud to the rescue! I'll post tomorrow.

  3. Perhaps you should seek her approval first before posting it. She most likely will say yes.