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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Just colour me totally won over

One of the first things I posted early on in my blogging years was a story about me, my brother Doug and my granddaughter Julia.  We had gone down to the local gelato store and I made the mistake of asking Julia which one of the many flavours she wanted---she was just beginning to speak and was quite vocal about wanting to be consulted.  "Blue! Blue!"  she said.  Doug said "That would be the blackberry one".  We were pitiful in our pride.

Julia, blonde curls bouncing, blue eyes determined, definitely knew which one she wanted because when she was offered the Blackberry Delight in a tasty children's cone, she just went bezack.  "Blue! Blue!", she hollered.  The person dispensing gelato was pretty savvy and quickly dumped the blue ice cream and asked Julia to point to the one she wanted.  "Blue! Blue!" she said, pointing at strawberry.  I was so delighted that I left a tip bigger than the cost of the ice cream, and walking home, felt privileged to be covered in pink, pink dairy melt.

Julia is now coming on 10, and she just sent us her first draft of a poster she intends to distribute widely in her neighbourhood.  She is still the girl who knows what she wants.

The part that's hard to read on the blue square says "Loves the a hiker"

My thanks to Anvilcloud, thoughtful gentleman and user of Photoshop.


  1. Julia really aims high! She is going to go places. In US the entreprener spirit of 10 years old is a lemonaide stand, unless tacky city regulations come by and shut them down.

  2. She is the real thing. She will go far in life. Good for Julia! Evelyn

  3. With all those qualities, she does not need the "low price" option!

  4. Julia has a brilliant future in marketing!!!!

  5. An absolute joy!! :) My hat's off to Julia!!
    Sending hugs ~

  6. We'd better save this. If she doesn't get rich she made need to use it later in life. If she does get rich we'll want to tell this story again. Your other fraction,