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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Two lists

Some things I learned today:

  • Try not to blush when the cashier at the grocery store looks incredulously at your purchase of skim milk and chocolate croissants
  • If you're going to leave your ID at home, yet try to take advantage of the Seniors Free Day, don't feel disheartened when the bus driver lets you on with barely a nod
  • Brush away the golden flakes nonchalantly while you're sitting on the bus and eating your croissant
  • Try to look like you only bought two croissants, not four, when you get home
  • When driving a stick, try to forget that someone told you, 40 years ago, to gear down to 1st to help you stop
  • When driving a stick, with your husband beside you, try to look like you're entirely ready to drive the newish Miata without ever using 1st gear to help you stop
  • Never put three cherries in your mouth, then try to convince Dave that you didn't by hiding them under your top lip
  • Always look like you meant to do it when you get your shoe caught on something you didn't see and throw yourself at a nearby wall
  • Accept, with dignity, the offer to help you up from the place where you landed. 
Some things you may have learned today:
  • Lorna and Dave bought a 2007 black hardtop convertible Miata today
  • Lorna isn't always as blameless as she tries to look
  • Don't bus with Lorna if you're a sensitive, retiring type
  • Seniors weren't born with dignity---they acquired it the hard way


  1. Congrats on the cool car!! were they chocolate croissants? mmmmmmm

  2. Life is such an adventure for you.

  3. I can see you two driving around in the Miata convertible. I know you can pull off looking much younger. A word of caution: Don't visit US very soon as we are in the worst heat wave of decades, at least not with top down. In my neck of the woods we have been in 100s for over a week. This week alone we have already and two days 109 deg, one 108 deg, one 104 deg two 101 deg and have today to go with prediction of 101. And the 10 day forecast until July 9 is temps in 100 and NO rain. July 9 is predicted to be 98 deg which is too far out to be accurate or believed.

    You would need the top secured, Air conditioniong on, and lots of fluids.

  4. I love sports cars!!!! I had a bright red Triumph GT-6+ back in the day!!!! My son asked why I sold such a cool car. I explained that I was preggers for his sister and that Daddy and I couldn't afford to support two little ones and a British sports car mechanic. LOL

  5. Kay, you might have felt differently about keeping your car if it had been a Mazda...but I don't think you can drive any of those cars while you're "enceinte" as French-speakers so delicately say

  6. It's so nice to catch up, funny lady. You've got the best sense of humor of anyone I know.