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Monday, 25 June 2012

Various kinds of happy

my new desk sitting in the window

It looks more crowded than it really is, and closes up to a perfect 42 by 20 inches.  This is where I'll have been when you get that perky announcement about a new blog post.

Robyn riding off to who knows where on the beautiful horse that Bruce made for her

Bruce made three of these gorgeous labour-intensive toys; this one stayed in our small space a couple of weeks, then moved to Robyn's bedroom.

Julia and my birthday cake

As you can see, it was a rich dark chocolate one, and when it was first brought out,  it threatened to set off the fire alarm with its age-appropriate number of candles.

Emily gives me the traditional bunny ears, or maybe it's devil's horns

Why is it that doing that makes kids so happy?  

I wish I had photos of Phoebe with us, but we haven't seen as much of her as we would like, but I do have photos of her being beautiful, and that makes me happy.


  1. Beautiful girls and the desk looks great!

  2. Apparently, either you or Dave has found the camera cord. Yay!

  3. Happy BIrthday! how did i mange to miss that, didn't get my facebook notice!

  4. Happy belated birthday. What day was it exactly?