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Sunday, 24 June 2012

What kind of circle?

Yes, I have a desk, and a bench, and they fit just perfectly in the place where we wanted them, and my laptop just slips in and out, and Yeeeehaw! I'm happy.

And almost immediately, Booooooooo! I'm unhappy because after I took the photos I wanted to post, I went all over this small little place looking for the USB cord that works with my camera, only to find it is gone, or more probably hidden.  But not by me.

I have a ziploc bag with all the cords and accessories for my camera, my pedometer, my video camera and my Nano; Dave has a larger ziploc bag with all kinds of cords for all kinds of electronic thingies both current and leftover from the time we bought a Walkman.  The one we both need for our cameras is not here, and I am not going to question why we only have one cord when we have two cameras, or accept assumptions that squirreled into my brain about who could have last used that one cord.

No, instead, I am going to (in this order)

  • find the cord in the fullness of time
  • borrow it back from Dave when he finds it in the fullness of time
  • refrain from throwing the damn antiquated camera across the room
  • go ahead and throw the damn camera, but try to make it land on the bed
  • check the internet to see if I can actually find another cord that will fit a four-year old Olympus.
But that, of course, will come after I tell you about Dave's new (and only) tattoo.
Ten years ago, on a significant birthday, I had four stars tattooed on my wrist, one for Dave and one for each of my kids; the grandchildren asked why they weren't represented there, and at this significant birthday, I thought I'd have something added to reflect how important they are to me.

Emily and I were working on the original with a marker, trying out ideas, when Dave came by and said that he really liked my tattoo the way it was, and for my birthday, he would have 4 phases of  the moon tattooed on his wrist.  I thought that was sweet and stopped trying to work out a new design.  After searching for interesting moonwork, and after hearing feedback from his near and dear, he decided to have 4 stars like mine.  And they look great.  But the photos are in a camera with no download cord.

Awww! Full circle.


  1. Aaargh! I hate when those cords go missing. Like the two of you, I have a drawer filled with cords, the majority I haven't used for years but am afraid to throw away--just in case. I rarely use a download cord; I use a card reader instead. They are cheap. But, I'm sure you can get your Olympus cord easily on the Internet, too. How sweet that Dave is going to get tattoos, too. I heard a man from Canada on Car Talk yesterday and he sounded just like Dave.

  2. That is so very sweet. The stars and the new tattoo to come. Your love for your family is so very apparent, and delightful to read about.