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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Competitive? Not me

Dave and I just spent an overnight with our daughter Emily and her daughter Robyn.  It was pleasant in so many ways, and enlightening as well.

Emily was always a neatish child---she kept the surfaces clean and every once in a while she would have a mammoth do-over in her room.  Since that entirely mirrors my own approach to housekeeping, I crossed it off of things to watch for in your adult children.

Somewhere along the line, and without my conscious notice, she's upped her game though.  She's become a whirlwind of efficiency when she wants to be, and on top of that, and more to my shame-by-comparison, she's a person who makes a neat and appetizing meal without a fuss.  Of those three parts, I can only manage one most of the time ("without a fuss" being almost impossible for me).  And on top of that, she does it with a 2 and a half year old child of immense creativity and energy.

However, in the shame-by-comparison department, I never did this or anything remotely similar to any of my children:
Em's alternative day care arrangement


  1. What about Dave? Has he had to spend any time in the dog house?

  2. Now why did I not think of that during my child rearing years. Oh yes, now I remember: the playpen - which now has gone out of style and seems to be used only for sleepovers when travelling

  3. This is Evelyn, not anonymous...

  4. I knew it was you Evelyn :)