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Monday, 16 July 2012

Housekeeping is complicated

Funny how life is always forcing us to learn.

When I first started wearing bangles, I had to remember to hold my arm a certain way when I was wiping walls or cleaning counters; otherwise, I left little scratch marks where the bracelets swept across the surface.

Later, I had to learn to ignore the noise my bracelets made when I used the keyboard; it was only noise so I didn't worry about it until I started using a wireless mouse.  Not a good thing to put 30 silver things between the mouse and the laptop, but I learned.

Today, I was washing down walls, bracelets pushed up, arms at the right angle and damn if my fingernails (newly covered with a strengthening base coat) didn't take the paint right off the surface.

I'm either going to have to undergo a new learning experience, cut my nails or figure out how to persuade Dave we need someone to come in to do the housework.  Any guesses on which it will be?


  1. Definitely a housekeeper! :o)

  2. Oh I'm sure Dave will opt for the helper.

  3. I just hate housework!!! I wish I could afford help!!!! Color me green with envy!!!!