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Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Hidden Demon

What kind of a man comes in to his bedroom. sees his wife sleeping, and does this to her?


  1. A man who will be sleeping the couch for a long, long time :)

  2. LOL! I think I would like your husband as much as I'm liking you. Funny pic and commentary. ;o)

  3. A man how has a thing for his cucumber?

  4. A man who . . .

    a) has a strong death wish
    b) has a wacky sense of humor

  5. How about a man who knows the refreshing benefits of a cucumber eye bath, the same man who never would and never did post this picture on the web, the same man who took this picture only to calm you down in case you woke up wondering if you were in a Jack-and-the-cucumberstalk world, and the same man who did not, I swear to God, DID NOT serve you these same cucumbers on your cucumber and pepper sandwich for brunch the next day, and finally, the same man who loves you so much he would read women's magazines with sufficient real interest to even discover the healing power of a cucumber eye bath, and yes, I must admit, since the internet never lies, the same man who took 51 days to even read this blog? None other than your ever-loving, other fraction