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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A quandary and a quiz

I haven't felt like my creative side has been getting much of a break lately.  Part of that is because the things I loved to do with my hands, beading and crocheting, are sort of out of my reach now.  Arthritis is not my friend.  It's not that I have pain from it, just that I can't do the hard stuff like getting two "the same" lines when I draw with my eyeliner, or like doing up buttons and zippers, or like taking the foil tops off jars of mayonnaise.

Photography has never been a draw for me, although I used to love playing the PhotoHunter game where the leader put up a word each Saturday, and the players posted pictures that represented the word.  I always took a picture of myself, and sometimes it was a stretch.

Can you match the photos with the words?

shave, mystical, in one ear, confused,sinful, alienation, obscure, yellow, scary, balanced, antiseptic, juicy, chores, milk, bangs, tie, out the other, triangle

Maybe I should just rest on my creative laurels.


  1. Arthritis is sure a limiting disease even if we don't suffer much pain.