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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

It's here, and it's beautiful

Canada's Fallen Firefighters' Memorial - 9 September 2012 (photo Pat Cunningham) 
Isn't it interesting that I should be posting about a Fallen Firefighters' Memorial on the anniversary of 9/11?

The memorial wall is housed in a park not 50 feet from my patio, where I often sat to watch construction, drink coffee and inhale dust.
Wall in background, flag just barely visible

The wall now holds 1111 names of firemen who died in the line of duty since a count was started.  The location of the park is a link to history---it was on this land that a raging fire which started in Hull, across the river, was stopped before it could reach and destroy the then-small town of Ottawa.

The Governor-General and several officials of the Association and like organizations spoke---all of them passionately, proudly and emotionally.  Part of the ceremony was the announcement of the 11 firefighters fallen last year, followed by their families being escorted to the wall and accepting the condolences of the hundreds of people who were there. 

This photo is of the larger than life-sized fireman inviting people to look to the wall, standing in full uniform with axe and fire-pole beside him.  It was the site of many photographs taken on Sunday.

400 serving firefighters from across Canada, with a delegation from the US, marched down from Parliament Hill, led by a pipe band.
Nothing stirs the heart like the skirl of a pipe band (photo Pat Cunningham)

And they walked right past our choice seats, where I, to the embarrassment of people nearby, clapped as they went by.
Photo by Pat Cunningham
All in all, a stirring and memorable event, and for us, such a proud day to see the Memorial and the people and the site so right for each other.

An eagle's eye view, the eagle being my friend Della:
Taken from our viewpoint, but six storeys up.  from left, the firefighter, the memorial wall with benches for reflection, the sturdy maple tree, the Canadian trees and bushes and at the extreme right, the bike path.


  1. Great photos and words for a historic day.

  2. That sure is a LOT of firemen to have died in the line of duty!

  3. Done and done. I hope you get to enjoy the place. Is there a bench to read on?