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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Plus ça change...

As much as I loved "The Walking Dead", both in the graphic novels and on TV, I have hit a no-zombie zone.  I just can't take one more crushed, knifed, stoned, shot, booted zombie head exploding in front of me.

Last season, I was fine with it---I didn't look if I could see it coming, but seeing was soon forgotten.  I don't know what is different in my life that makes Walking Dead suddenly unacceptable, but it seems to have had a permanent effect.  Dave told me the story line was great this season, but even that couldn't balance off against the gore.

Will that insidious something keep me from "Game of Thrones"?  I have to say that I hope not.  The splendiferous, epic, daring GoT was so wonderful!  I really don't want to be left with just "Downton Abbey" and "Elementary".  Oh, and of course, my guilty pleasure:"Revenge".  And "Revolution".  And "Continuum" and "Modern Family".

Damn!  When am I going to have time to read?


  1. Give Walking Dead a chance for a few episodes. They have changed "show runner" again and maybe this next guy won't be as violent.

    This will be my first season to watch "Game of Thrones" in real time, so I hope you stick with that one, too.

    We must protect our sisterhood!

  2. Go for some light hearted so bad they are good zombie flix off Netflix. They are a hoot.

  3. I am starting to feel a little "gored" by Criminal Minds. We are currently watching the British MI-5 (Spooks) on Netflix and enjoying it greatly.

  4. I never could get into The Walking Dead. I loved Revenge but fell behind and need to get caught up. I really don't watch much TV anymore. I do watch a lot of sports, but the shows just seem to be the same, over and over. I'm looking forward to the new show The Following with Kevin Bacon.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Laura, I didn't know about Kevin Bacon on TV---I'll have to watch. thanks.

  6. I really can't handle violence whatsoever, or gore. I get nothing from it whatsoever except something ugly, which I don't need. So I hear you.

  7. Allow me to say Whatsoever just one more time.