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Monday, 31 December 2012

Simultaneous fall of giants and little people

I am so disappointed in myself.  I did the wrong thing for the wrong reason, and now I have to read a book I didn't like twice.

My cousin Sonja, who is very cool, was talking to the family about how much she loved Ken Follett's Fall of Giants.  I don't generally like Ken Follett, but he's a storyteller and he writes long books, which will come to matter later, and I tucked this bit of information into the e-reading section of my memory.

I've been reading lots of Young Adult fiction lately, and loving it, but when I looked at my MasterCard account and noticed how much I was spending on Kobo books to satisfy my craving for good fantasy, I had this little talk with myself about fairness and balancing and money-management for my e-reader and thus, I started a plan.

I did a search on Kobo books to find what was making the Best-Read lists, and what didn't cost over $10.00.  See how easy it is to come back to Fall of Giants? And given my respect for Sonja, I was downloading it in no time, congratulating myself on having found a book that would take me a while to read and that I had a pretty good chance of liking.  I felt like Ralphie in A Christmas Story when he writes the perfect theme to get himself a Red Ryder BB Gun.

I don't know if this is Ken Follett's fault or mine, but I didn't even realize I was reading a book I'd already read until well into the plot.  I'm a sucker for anything taking place in late 1800's till 1920's Russia, so it was all right that some of it seemed a bit familiar---I'm steeped in Tsar-loving peasants and bread with the cross baked in and ladies in fur.  And of course, the fact that anything past last Tuesday is hazy might have been influential.

Anyway, now I'm doomed.  Fall of Giants stares back at me from my e-reader.  And since I knew the rules, I now have to honour them.

Sonja, I will continue to respect your taste in books and music, but Ken, you're gone.


  1. See if your local library has a digital option! I don't know how I could survive with out my library.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Ten bucks is a small amount to "waste" (not that it would be, you could give the ebook away couldn't you or let someone else read it?) by not reading a book you don't like. There are too many good books and too little time to read them, my darling. Don't waste yours. Your hours to spend reading are worth more than 10 bucks.

    See you in the new year, my friend!

  3. I hope they aren't building a blasted cathedral. I read that one. Never again, I think.