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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Vanity Runs Rampant, but in lovely clothes

One of my friends is a talented young designer.  I knew by the clothes that she wore herself that she could design and create.  She has a very slim figure that does well in made-just-for-you clothing.  It took me a long time to work up the nerve to see if she would make something for me because I didn't know if she wanted to design or create for other people.  I'm so glad I asked.

this is a photo of the linen top and silk dupioni pants Sienna made for me to go to California:
Yes, that is a hand-shaped silk pocket
This is the context for that photo:
At the house of Fran, who keeps an appropriately dressed mannikin at the ready

This is a photo of Sienna, and one of her sister Lothlorien, in a design by Sienna:

And here, is my newest Sienna-designed piece, made for the winter, and to match a pair of boots I just happened to buy this fall:

The girl is a genius!


  1. Look at you all stylish :) Absolutely Fabulous!!

  2. Would you please remove this post before Sue sees it. Thanks.

  3. you are So stylin!! i'm jealous, might have to make a trip up there. :D

  4. Very artistic and chic ... So Lornastonashing!

    1. Anonymous AKA Carole :-)

  5. She definitely has talent! Very nice.

  6. Yes, I do remember your gorgeous outfit with the hand pocket made by your friend--and I love her newest creation. You look ready to walk down the runway at Fashion Week. I so love all the things you gave to me after your California visit. I wear the orange sweatshirt with the hood at least once or twice a week and soon it will be cold enough to wear some of the wool jackets for work.