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Saturday, 5 January 2013

The search for tranquillity

I have wanted a fountain like this for about 20 years.  There are stationary bells and floating bells and the water moves the floaty ones so that they chime against the others.  So simple, so beautiful, so tranquil, so not on my "real" list of priorities.

My real list of priorities has things on it like "paint the bathroom ceiling", "have the dryer looked at" and "get rid of  all spices over 2 years old".

Given the weightiness of my list, I hit on a reasonable alternative plan.  I gave Dave a book called "Simple Fountains" for Christmas.  It just jumped off the page for me while I was trolling the Chapters-Indigo web site, and showed up a mere three days later, giving me enough time to find out that there were no chiming bell fountains in its considerable do-it-yourself offerings.  So that I don't look too bad in that story, I'll mention that Dave likes fountains too, and if we could ever find something that he had faith would not overflow and ruin our already scratched, but still beautiful, wooden floors, we'd have an indoor fountain by now.

Given that telling this has made my teeth grind and my jaw ache, I wonder if there is something magically calming out there that doesn't drip.  And don't put "wine" in the comments please.


  1. I had to read this more than once to figure out whether you have a fountain or not.

  2. What a lovely fountain; I've never seen one like it before. So, will there be a fountain in your future, do you think? By the way, I went through a fountain phase, had a few, and now I never even turn one on. There is a small one in the patio.

  3. I agree with Fran! But I've never had one and I'd still like to. Small, because we are space challenged.

  4. The fountain is a lovely idea. I don't have one either.