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Thursday, 21 February 2013

15 MPs doing the right thing!

Bill 279 is about to go to a third reading on February 27th in the House of Commons. It will then go to the Senate and if passed there will become law. 

This bill is often called the Trans Bill. The bill will include gender identity and gender expression in the Canadian Human Rights Code and amend the Criminal Code to provide rights and protection regarding gender identity and gender expression. 

15 Conservative MPs voted YES to this legislation. Because of their support this Bill has made it to third reading.  They are now being targeted by transphobic groups that would like to stop this bill. Members of these groups are inundating the phone lines of the offices of these MPs with call after call. The calls are coming from all over Canada. 

These MPs need to know that there are people out there that support equality!! Let's counter this by making our own phone calls and sending emails to these MPs to thank them for their support of this bill and to let them know that what they are doing is right! Please share with your friends, your family, your contacts! Thanks!! *Links to further information are provided below the contact list*

MP NameRidingPhoneEmail
Michelle RempelCalgary
Chris AlexanderAjax
Kerry-Lynne FindlayDelta Richmond
Laurie HawnEdmonton
Gerald KeddySouth Shore St
Cathy McLeodKamloops
David WilksKootenay
Shelly GloverSaint
Bernard TrottierEtobicoke
Michael ChongWellington Halton
John DuncanVancouver Island
Jim FlahertyWhitby
Bruce StantonSimcoe
Bernard ValcourtMadawaska

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