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Friday, 22 February 2013

My Favourite.....

Yesterday I joined a site where I was asked my favourite mystery novel.  The site was for a mystery novel writer, but my favourite mystery novel, "A Test of Wills", was written by another author.  As though authors check their sites to see who likes them, I felt pretty proud of telling the truth.

That "favourite" thing stuck in my head all day.  Favourite ice cream, favourite shoes, favourite husband....the list went on.  This morning, "favourite actor" jumped into my head about the same time as "favourite tv series" and even though neither of these is my favourite, images of David Duchovny and Twin Peaks floated by.

Naturally I went to to browse.  I was very surprised to see that David Duchovny was not the lead in Twin Peaks.   How could that happen?
David Duchovny, X Files

Kyle McLaughlan, Twin Peaks
I am attributing this whole messy "favourites" thing to a disastrous combo of St Raphael and Pinot Grigio yesterday, followed by greek yoghurt with cranberries this morning.


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  1. Ah, a Charles Todd. Unlike you, I can't even remember is I've read this one nevermind whether it was good or not. I would remember if I started to read it, however.