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Saturday, 2 February 2013

idle some more

I am in my head today, and it's kind of messy in here.

All these things are running around and bumping into each other:

  • making lasagna is not something I want to do more than twice a year. No, no, no!
  • how did I end up living in a house with so much brown in it---I have always thought brown was my least favourite of the colours.  No, in fact, I didn't even accept that brown was a colour until I had to find other colours that worked with it.
  • is it really, really cheesy to have a big celebration of 40 years together?  And can I plan it by June 2014?
  • how many pairs of shoes is too many?
  • what would a mani-pedi cost?  Do they do them on really ugly feet?
  • what did Jim Nabours and his husband wear to their wedding?
  • is red or white wine better with peppermint cream dark chocolate?
  • if I had a choice, and could afford it, would I really go to a Star Trek Convention?
  • thank God I'm getting my eyes tested next week---nt cuauib ua ewakkt dyxjws yo!
  • would that new product by L'Oréal really blur wrinkles?
  • why haven't I gone to see Les misérables?
  •  is it even worth owning a sports bra?
  • how could I have killed everything in that terrarium in less than 2 months?


  1. Lasagna is awesome and you should make it once for each of the seasons. (I made this rule up) So that would be 4 times.

    No it isn't cheesy and YES you should definitely have a big celebration. How many couples can say they lasted as long.

    They do have a Star Trek convention in Toronto either in the spring or summer. Hint, hint!!

    You haven't gone to see Les Mis, because you saw the play and the movies are pale in comparison.

    2 Months?? Still probably better than I would do :)

  2. Yikes!!!! You're overloaded!!!! I'll answer some of them.

    * No brown in my place. Shades of red (from pink to burgundy) and blue (from ice blue to navy) proliferate.

    * Never cheesy to celebrate your love!!!

    *No such thing as too many shoes!!!!

    * Mani-pedi? I get one at our local beauty college for less than $20!

    * They wore suits.

    * Sports bra are comfy.

    Does that help?

  3. wow, for a minute there i thought i was in my brain! haha!

  4. 40 years?! You can come up with something, I am sure.

  5. All very good questions. But it's not cheesy to celebrate 40 years!