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Monday, 4 February 2013

So evocative

Today, I moved something in my closet from one place to another, and found my mother's silk wrap that I brought home after she died.  It's a lovely turquoise colour---a colour that suited her really well, and you'd think it would shine out from its place on the rack, but maybe I just got used to seeing it there.

It wasn't in itself shocking, but it gave me such a wave of longing.  And I'm so grateful that I felt it, so grateful that every once in a while, something that belonged to my parents stands out a bit from its place in our house  and gives me joy.

Mum, Dave and I picnicking at Stratford on a pretty but cold day in spring 2006


  1. Ah, such a poignant post, Lorna. Your mom was a beauty. You took after her.

  2. A little God wink from your mom!

  3. I recognize that moment of longing.

  4. It brought back lovely memories. :)

  5. I agree with Laurie... a little loving hello from your Mom!
    My Mom passed away suddenly and we'd never made up from an argument we had. (That alone can bring me to tears!) I brought a few of her things home with me. One of them being a little fold-up stepladder. The first time I opened it, it hit me in the forehead! Ha! Hello, Mom!! :) In my mind and heart, we've made up now.
    Enjoy that silk wrap, my friend. And your memories. xoxo

  6. yea i could kill myself for leaving that plant stand in my dad's apt. when i went don to get him, but at the time it was all i cud do to go thru his entire apt. in one nite and pack his clothes to bring back with him. i wrote a poem about it - my father's plant stand.