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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Doing it the hard way

Today I did a few things wrong:

  • I got up.  actually I only later found out that this was wrong

I forgot I'd had a severe haircut and thought I saw my brother in the mirror---not the one with the long curly hair
  • I found that I had bought veal, after carefully keeping a never-veal promise made to Sarah about 30 years ago
  • when I made the veal into a stew, I used chicken Bovril to enhance the taste
  • when I intended to have berries and yoghurt for lunch, I accidentally had cheese, shaved ham and a Laura Secord easter egg
  • I put nail polish on while having lunch and then ate polished shaved ham but I think I'm all right---the nail polish turned all my hangnails into plasticized weapons of destruction
  • I tripped over some books I'd left on the floor so that no one would notice I was over my quota and consequently left a noseprint on the bedroom window
  • I have only had one cup of coffee
  • and no wine.


  1. You are funny, and I don't just mean funnylooking ...

    1. No, really, that's my brother.

  2. P.S.
    Just to stay in the zone: about the veal stew: everything except the veal was overcooked; it was like muuuuush, muuuush, snap! the PC lemon meringue cookies, on the other hand, were delicious.

  3. Hmm....I think the answer is in the last few words-- no wine and one measly cup of coffee....