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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Where did you buy those?

In a display of unaccustomed decision-making, I walked into a Loblaw's optical centre and bought myself, almost without hesitation, a new pair of glasses.  Having new glasses is fun, but I was kind of dreading it because the ones I bought last time  garner attention:
I have to admit, I also bought them in lilac
 However, they're not in the same class as this:

 Or this:

Or this:

Or the photo of Phoebe in her new studious-looking glasses, which I can't find.

Of course, the reason I mentioned this at all is that I would never have thought of Loblaw's as a place to buy glasses, but I got great service, a great price and a 2 year warranty.  And the glasses match my hair.  Given that I'm a greyish granny, I'm not sure that's a recommendation.  Nonetheless, I'm pleased and when I get my new glasses, I'll post a photo, unless I've made a terrible mistake, in which case I can turn them in and try again. 


  1. wonderful and u can trade them in. It took me months to pick out frames!! and when i finally did - they were frameless!!

  2. When you can get glasses at the grocery store, the times they are a'changin.

  3. loved the makeup of sweet little girl