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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Rambling Lorna Rose

I'm thinking about a new name for "Lorna in Wonderland".  The only problem is that I can't actually think of anything snappy or amusing or bold or an amazing pun.

"Lorna in Wonderland" seemed perfect for me when I started a blog about 11 years ago---I felt tentative and hopeful and a little bit silly.

Now I'm feeling retro and scarred and still a bit silly. People aren't really writing blogs any more, but politicians and banks and newsmagazines are.  That won't stop me but it does put me in unusual company.

I wanted to write because I'm  a storyteller and a person who often doesn't know what she thinks until she hears herself say it, so it seemed like a good fit.  I never really wanted to stop, although in the last year I got caught up in volunteer work and either  didn't feel the urge or only had whiney things to say

I'm still a storyteller; I'm still exploring, learning, growing, regressing, bemused, outraged, enchanted and totally in the thrall of my family and friends, so there's always something to write about.  I just want to write it under a different, more-me banner.

Maybe the answer is to change it every day to mirror my mood, but then Lorna in Bitchyburg doesn't really have much charm and Lorna in Thrall to her Family and Friends sounds more like a warning from Dr. Phil.  My guess is I Don't Really Care might be a bit offputting.

Tell Me if This Made You Smile might do, but that precludes stories about brave little dogs trudging thousands of miles to get home only to find the family has moved or about being scraped by a bus or falling spectacularly off a bicycle only to be rescued by someone with whom you don't share a language.

The Neverending Story could work, but it would scare off people with short attention spans, and that would include most of my  friends and family and sort of defeat the purpose.

Maybe all the good blog titles are already gone.  And maybe, given the mindless wandering of this post,  Lorna in Wonderland is still relevant.



  1. Since you wonder what to call it, Wonderland seems most apropos.

  2. I so agree. Keep it. It is you. You had it right the first time. XOX

  3. I like your title and think you should keep it. :-)

  4. Hey, Lorna, I think the title covers all of what you want - or might want - to say, so keep it.