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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Not everything gold glitters

I seem to remember that in some TV program, there was a character called Lurch.

Yeah, I just googled it and it was on The Addams Family.  I never watched that program but Lurch seems sort of self-explanatory.

It's the name of choice for myself these days.  I get out of bed and walk into the mirror 2 feet away, I scrape my own head on doorframes when I go out, I turn a corner about 2 inches too soon, I close drawers on my own hands, take one step too many on my way to the bath, I almost sat on the baby and my myriad bruises are making a patchwork surface that I'm actually growing to like.

Not only can I lurch my whole body, but I mini-lurched my arm the other day and knocked over a full glass of hot coffee on the kitchen counter---my third spilled hot beverage over 2 short weeks, I spasmed my fingers when I put on 24-hour eyeshadow, forgot I'd done it and left the house looking like I'd been worked over with a blackjack.

Ah, the Golden Years!


  1. I loved The Addams family as a kid and still do. Maybe your body is trying to tell you to slow down and focus on the little things? Maybe you are working too hard and trying to do too much? Just a thought. Take care.

  2. I did watch that program a bit but was never too struck by it. I am struck by you and your blog, however.