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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Another scientific analysis

Some "if only's" about pomegranates:

If only:

  • they weren't so beautiful that I can't resist buying them
  • they weren't so hazardous to someone for whom knives are a somewhat scary mystery
  • I had looked at that picture before I cut them crosswise
  • they didn't taste so unlike anything else, and on top of that, delicious
  • they didn't leave juice in places you didn't notice until it's congealed
  • I could have waited for Dave to finally notice how beseechingly I'm sending him messages about dealing with them himself, which would take hours of careful manipulation but have such wonderful results
  • I could stick to my promise to stay out of Farm Boy from October till the end of December
  • I didn't have traces of pomegranate under my fingernails, all over my teeth, on and over my lips down to my chin
  • I weren't so happy about how wonderful the juice is and how crunchy the seeds are


  1. I've never had pomegranate. I'm not sure what part you eat?

  2. I love them too but they are the messiest things ever!!

  3. Thank goodness you didn't mention "pomegranate mio"? Have you ever tried inserting a straw to suck out the seeds? Me neither but it may be worth a try, n'est-ce pas? Your other fraction