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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Not fighting progress, just in the way

First it was blogging that was only for old folks.

Now it's Facebook.

I didn't resist blogging---and I miss so many of the people whose wisdom and humour and quirkiness spiced up my blogging time, but I did resist Facebook.  I finally took it on as a resource for my PFLAG Canada work and discovered many of my old blogging friends and most of my family, and I've found it a quick but superficial way to keep in touch with people.  Not mostly old people, just people.

I resisted and still resist Twitter because, with my digital prowess, it takes me longer to get 146 characters right than it does to find, address and send a postcard.

Ditto the other "instant" messaging.

If I don't have blogging or Facebooking, I might have to take up talking. 


  1. I just use Twitter to follow newsy types of posts from more major contributors. FB is more for keeping up to date with "friends" and posting the occasional drivel. I don't know why I blog. :)

  2. I hate Facebook with a passion reserved only for things that truly deserve to be hated. I'm on twitter though. I mostly use it to read celebrity tweets because I'm cool like that. HAHA!

  3. I love FB and I love blogging but it's not as popular with the younger folks. I have Twitter but rarely use it although my blog posts automatically feed there. Wait until you see my Christmas newsletter. I have your red jacket with the roses collar on in one and the orange fleece jacket in another.

  4. I'm sick of FB. To me it is just like high school all over again. I only keep it so I can see how my young cousins are growing up as I never get to see them any more. I refuse to use Twitter and will just stick to blogging. I'm glad you are back to blogging. :-)

  5. I'm addicted to blogging and Facebook ... I tweet on occasion.