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Monday, 16 December 2013

Repetitious, repetitious, repetitious, etc

When I chose the font size for this blog, I was mainly catering to my own need for large print, which I am finally, after 20 or so years, admitting to.  

I also chose a font, which I believe was this one, but even I don't need this much clarity.

I remember choosing a profile picture, which for some reason was a cat in chainmail armour.  

When I did these things, I was not yet recovered from having lost 6 years of posts---an act of fancying-up which I undertook with full knowledge of the possible consequences; I take full responsibility. Who, after 6 years of blogging starts fooling around with settings without a back-up?   Surely not a person with a touchy keyboard, several pounds of bracelets, and the generous help of a totally innocent friend who was knocked 6 feet away from his chair by my scream as I saw text fading away and being replaced by pages of HTML?  Oh, have I told this story before?

All this because I was thinking of changing my profile picture, and resetting some of the defaults, and in fact did those things without a back-up; keyboard still touchy, bracelets reduced to a mere few bangles, common sense entirely absent. 

I think this warrants a reprint:
In one ear

And out the other