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Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Today, I've been missing all my girls.  Not just my grandchildren and my kids but my sisters and my mom and my extended family girls and my Ranaweera family girls, and the women I have coffee and drinks with and the ones I connect with on Facebook and Blogger.  I wonder where that came from ?

I don't usually pine for people; I usually think of them with love and look forward to the next time we'll be getting together, but I don't as a rule have this ache.

Maybe it's because we got a new photo of Phoebe today.  

Does nostalgia and pining increase with age?  Is it the holiday season? And if so, why am I dividing mine by gender?


  1. Wow, she's such a beautiful young lady. Miss you too. Let's try to get together before Xmas.

  2. for me it is the holiday season. but it makes me miss everybody. :-(

  3. My goodness! Do you know we've been blogging friends for almost 10 years?!

  4. Sometimes girls just need to be around other girls. :)

  5. If it weren't for all my girls of every ilk, family, friends, co-workers, my life would be so very dull. Phoebe is beautiful. She is your eldest son's daughter, isn't she? The comment section is saying I'm anonymous again, but it's Frannie in RB.

  6. Lorna! I wondered what happened to you! So glad you found me :)

  7. I must confess, if I were cooped up all day with just me for company, I'd crave some time with the girls as well. So indulge your craving my dearest. Your other gendered other half.