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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Letdown? what letdown?

In April, I started an online WeightWatchers program.  It's easy, rewarding and only slightly annoying.  And I've lost 30 lbs.  My flowy clothes, which I love, don't touch me anywhere except the shoulders. Very satisfying!

Today I met a friend for brunch and acted as though I'd not only never heard of Weightwatchers, but had cloven to something called WeightIgnorers.  We went to a place that has a buffet and because it's from 10:30 to 2:00 there is both breakfast and Sunday roast dinner and various pasta dishes and bread and dessert and cheese.  And wine.

Damn!  I waited until I lost 2 sizes before I started buying new clothes, and now I've taken this big step backwards.  On the way home I felt so bad that I stopped and bought some Raffaello candies---fondant and chocolate and coconut.  Oh my!  It went very well with white wine.

I am, of course, using this post as a way to shame myself back into the easy rewarding WeightWatchers program so that I can continue to wear the pants that fit with no squeeze and no leftover bits.  And not have to go back to the belts that are worn to frazzles near the last sprocket.

Don't feel obliged to be supportive.  I'm counting on guilt.  It seldom lets me down.


  1. How I wish I was following WW right now, but don't have the oomph. Maybe you can inspire me. Day at a time, girlfriend. It's Fran by the way. It won't accept my Typepad name tonight.

  2. You certainly never struck me as someone who needed to lose 30 lbs.

  3. At the end of your life, will how much you weigh be what you think of? Hm, I bet not. I bet you'll think of the lovely brunch you had with your friend, the laughs you shared not the calories you consumed. Flowy clothes are great but happiness is greater.
    (Said the girl who ate a chocolate, a cookie and a square before I even finished my first cup of coffee.) incidentally, I am wearing stretchy yoga clothes. It's the holidays.

  4. It's just one day ... you can get back at it!

  5. Dearest Lorna, it's 2am. I just spent the last hour crafting the most wonderful of verses about your guilt, full of arrhythmic rhymes, painful puns, and arduous alliteration, and lost it all in the blink of a keystroke. So I'm going to bed now, and I will sleep like a lamb, having let go of all my frustrations over such a great loss, comforted in the knowledge that when you read this, you will take on all my feelings of inadequacy and wrap them in the blanket of your guilt so that I may continue to sail through life, unwrinkled and undaunted. Your ever-loving, and guilt-free, other half.