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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Questions Posed on Awakening this Morning

Whatever made me think that a person with as much hair as I have, could work a wispy haircut?

Why do I think I can do things halfway?

How did I end up knee deep again in the volunteer work that propelled me into a near catatonic state?

Do I have a Mother Teresa thing going on?

Why didn't I buy the rather ugly boots with the grippers built right into the sole?

Shouldn't a person who has two languages try to be articulate in at least one of them? 

Will another bangle on my arm bring me happiness?

Can I start over from about 1980? 


  1. I can answer the penultimate question, and the answer is "Yes!"

  2. As someone who just recently added bangs to her head, I feel your pain. What was I thinking?!
    I'm not a halfway person either, I'm in or I'm out. It's tough being black and white.
    I have these grippy things you slip onto your boots? Feels like walking on broken glass and does it ever do a number on my hips!
    Bangles = Joy. More bangles = more joy. Basic math.