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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Attention, shoe lovers.

I've been definitely down with what might be definitely flu since last Wednesday, and while I'm apparently over the sore body thing, I'm still dizzy and shaky.  And really bored with it.

So bored in fact, that the finding of this ad made my day:

Just the fact that they dared to give them that name was inspiring, but the vegan-faux-leather cuteness of the shoes themselves won me over entirely.  Of course, I can't really order them because then I'd have to explain to Dave why I was buying shoes, why I was buying shoes with cats and why I was using the family credit card to buy shoes with cats.

This would not be a way for me to slag Dave---just the confession that a woman of my age and respectability can't buy cat-love shoes on her own because she never put cat-love shoe money away in a debit-card accessible place, and because she'd be too ashamed of her insane self-indulgence to actually accept the box from Canada Post.

A warning to you all.


  1. You really need to get better soon. :)

    1. I am in fact better, and appalled at my weakness in posting a story about cat-looking shoes.

  2. I think you could pull them off! Tell everyone your grandkids picked them!
    And they're on sale!!
    I'm a bad influence.

    1. I could use some kickass bad influence.

  3. Oh My Goddess! Those are awesome!


  4. first of all, I admire your fiduciary responsibility, but I think you need these and should put them on your "gifts" from the kids list :D
    And oh, I might need these and I have no resolve what so ever :(

  5. Love the self-discipline, but don't give up your great sense of style. You could still consider being a buyer for some young rich women too busy and not style-conscious enough to shop for themselves - NHL wives maybe??
    Your other fraction - sometimes half, sometimes less, but always 100% in love