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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Never too late

Sometimes, when I wake up early, I stand in the window, looking out at the traffic.  I don't have lace curtains---although I have had them---but it makes me think of all the stereotypical seniors with a comfy chair in the window and a cup of tea in hand.  True to the image, I stand there watching  and wondering what brings people out at 5 a.m.

People who leave their homes early are the people I counted on, without much thinking about their contribution, when I was working:  the ones who drove the bus, who made or sold me coffee and cinnamon buns, who got the day care facility ready for my kids, who clocked me in at the office, who gave me receipts for my dry-cleaning, sat behind the counter at the gas bar, took the early doctor and dentist appointments for the kids, and generally made it easy for us to wake up at 6 (or at 7:30 if you were a kid) and zoom off to our schools and offices.

I hope I thanked them then. 


  1. And you're an early blogger.
    But heck fire, I want a cinnamon bun.

  2. I love waking up early and watching the world wake up!

  3. Hello my friend. I do think about you when I do the "u turn" on the parkway to go to work. I can now picture you looking at those people like me. :)