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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

EPIC FAIL!! again.

When I acquired my (sort of) new tablet, I spent quite a while getting familiar with its various bits and bobs.  This isn’t easy for someone whose memory is about as strong and seamless as a lace curtain, so I’ve been able to “discover” things more than once.  That is great!

The downside to that is that very often I can’t “discover” something I’m looking for and even more sadly, I can’t remember if I’ve looked for it before.

Trying not to be downhearted about my lack of techsavviness, earlier, I opened the reading thingy, and found it bookmarked at a book I didn't want to be reading today.  Nor did I want any of the various books whose covers were colourfully arranged across the screen.  The three different ways I have of moving around on the tablet turned up no books at all. 

Evil Tablet
In my usual petulant (and sometimes dangerous) fashion, I pretended I was going to throw the tablet at the window, and lo! there was my list of library books, just sitting miraculously, yet somehow smirkily, on the screen. Taking advantage of my good luck, I chose and read the book I wanted, and felt quite confident when it was time to check my email, and lordy, I was right---I touched the little envelope place on the screen and there was my email!  But when I’d finished with it, I couldn’t find my library books again, only the page that shows the last 5 books I’ve opened, which of course could have taken me to the book I'd been searching for, but I still wouldn’t know how to get to the library on my own.

Smartypants Julia
I know that one phone call to Julia would take care of it, and I will do that, but I keep thinking that I should be able to crawl my way to the things I want to look at, given that Julia can simultaneously manage 6 apps with a neat combination of fingers and stylus --- with her eyes shut, while still following a TV show.  

I wish I could find a way to tell her that I was one of the first people in my Department to use a Blackberry, that I used to be able to sign in ASL, that I can multiply large numbers in my head.  However, to get any pleasure from that would require my being able to make those sound like accomplishments.


  1. To see my little grands find their way thru Mindcraft on their tablets makes me dizzy.

  2. Lol you made me giggle with this post!