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Friday, 2 May 2014

On evening apparel

Is there ever any excuse for sitting at my desk wearing both a nightgown and a pair of jeans?  I could understand a nightgown and a shawl, or a nightgown and a robe, or a pair of jeans with a shirt, or even a pair of jeans without anything, but this combo has got me seriously worried about my journey through the Golden Years.

I have always been a nightgown person, and I especially like long white cotton with darts and lace, even though they tend to wrinkle while you're sleeping.  Unless of course, you monitor your own sleep and prevent the kind of scrunching movements I've obviously mastered.

I am also still a jeans person, even though I remember how many times I told myself, while walking down the street and confronting women in their sixties in jeans meant for 16 year olds, that I would eschew jeans as soon as it became obvious they were no longer age-appropriate.  Since then, I have convinced myself that age-appropriate is OK for the Queen, but I will also eschew that.  Poor thing, she should be able to wear jeans if she wants.
82-year-old woman in appropriate clothing.

But on a realistic note, the reason I'm in a nightgown and jeans is that partway through my getting undressed and ready for bed, Dave brought me in a glass of wine to go with my bad temper.  And it feels good.


  1. I am relieved that there was some sort of semi coherent explanation for your attire.

  2. Ha! I love this!! :) (And thanks for stopping by!)

  3. That was just adorable. Love your way of ending your story. Xx eve

  4. No big deal, Lorna. And I bet Dave didn't even notice.

  5. I'm not giving up my jeans! Who says something is not appropriate anyway?

  6. I literally dress like a lazy teenager, jeans, tshirts and hoodies. I'm a grandma, for crying out loud!
    I say wear what you like! Wine is the perfect accessory to any outfit.