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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Well, I think I got over myself!

Almost every day since March the 2nd, which was not a particularly significant day, I've thought about writing a post.  On some days, I was so down that I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to read what I'd write, and on other days, I was so down in other ways that I couldn't think of anything to write or any way to write it.

Today, I just poured a glass of wine, ate three 2-bite brownies and decided to just get on with it.

I haven't been myself since last November, and I am now getting to be in a much better place, but having been so depressed, and so uncaring about being depressed, meant that all my energies had to go into just bothering to take care of the basics for myself and family. Friends and family and music and babies helped.  Clear thinking about personal priorities, which kicked in after Christmas, also helped.  

I am now back to Pollyanna.  You may or may not think that's a good thing.

I am also down to about 10 emails a day, 4 of which come from the CBC.  That's disconcerting, yet liberating and I think I get points for liberating, so I'll stick with it.  With so few emails, I have actually been able to explore Youtube videos, especially the self-published music ones, of which there are so many, and so many good ones.  The downside to that of course, is that I didn't bookmark any of them, and I can't remember their names.  Still I can remember loving them, and taking joy in finding them.  Maybe I can do it again.

Today is Sarah's birthday.  She's away in Manitoba, but in our are some good ones from another post


  1. I too strive to keep Pollyanna alive & well so I'm glad she's returned to you! May the Glad Game always serve you well.. I'm glad you wrote a post & glad I saw it!!

  2. Glad you're feeling more yourself. Winter depression sucks. My favorite YouTube videos are babies laughing videos. Best thing on the Internet!

  3. welcome back Pollyanna, but her evil twin ain't so bad either; too hard on yourself - easy for me to say! ha :)