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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

When all is said and done, I, a retired person, doing next to no volunteer work, and with only a small apartment, hundreds of books, two righteous boxes of wine (one red, one white) and a husband whose sweet tooth gives me a reason to have salted dark chocolate caramels on hand, have things pretty easy.

In spite of that, or maybe because of that, I am posting photos today.

The first is of my sister Mary, 17 years my junior, in a very fine plum-coloured coat on her way home to Kenora after a conference in Ottawa.  We breakfasted, I abated her desire to shop, and we had a very nice Chinese food family dinner one evening.  She does not have a piece of white chalk embedded in her head.

The next two are of Robyn and Maddy on a very important day.  Because their mom is going back to work, Robyn is going to a new day care and Maddy is going to her first day care.  This was them their first morning, on their way.  There are no on their way back photos but I am assured that had there been, the girls would have looked as smashing and confident as they do in these.

this last is Maddy eating rocks, which is why we can't leave her at home while Emily is at work. 


  1. bisous à vous tous! quelle belle famille!

  2. I joust want to get this right. Did you abate or abet her desire to shop? I feel like you said the former but meant the latter. Just asking, not trying to be pedantic.

  3. Surely I don't joust. It's early, Lorna. I woke up at 3, not being able to breathe thru my nose.

  4. Retirement is supposed to be about doing what YOU want! Enjoy your chocolate and your books, you've earned it!

  5. Lovely to see those grandbabies and, following your last entry, to see that you have begun feeling more yourself. I have always loved your blog posts.