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Monday, 19 May 2014

Ivory, the colour, not the body part

I am now officially on my staycation.  Dave has gone to BC to spend 5 or 6 weeks with his brother, camping and hiking, searching out obscure ice cream parlours and engaging in one-upmanship.

I have so far been shopping with Julia and Emma, during which time we broke the speed limit for spending x number of dollars; then I went shopping with Emily to acquire some things to lighten up our brownish living room, then with Sarah to take some things back and enhance what I'd already bought when out with Emily.  Trying times.  But the living room is pulsing with ivory cushions, candlesticks, unbreakable coffee table things in ivory and a branch that grew in California and looks gorgeous on the table.  Thank you Homesense and Pier One.  

Not to seem too focussed on consumerism, I have also been to the gym, read and read and read, and found myself some delectable fruit and chocolate things to go with reading.  I'm not driving because I still haven't got the balance thing worked out, so I'm walking and bussing, both of which are OK with me.  I had fancied some drives to Perth and Renfrew, which are nice places to take discovery walks and wondered if I had a drive to Oshawa in me, as there are some PFLAG things going on there later this month, but I don't take the same joy in driving as I once did.  I am however, taking a new and unprecedented joy in water....
No fish were photographed


  1. Very pretty! I like your living room. Enjoy your staycation!

  2. Your place always looks great, and let's hear it for Narnia.

  3. I never get tired of pics taken around your place.