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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Lessons learned on the fly

I don't often feel like zipping out of the house on my own, even on beautiful days, so I surprised myself this afternoon by putting on some grown-up clothes and setting out for a walk to downtown.  I thought I might walk for a bit, take a bus down to the Glebe where the shopping is quite interesting (and dangerous), and I brought my e-reader so that I could choose to sit in a bar with a glass of wine without looking like I was seeking attention from 70 year-olds.

thanks to the American Weather Advisory Service
Alas!  I no sooner got out the door than I realized that the sun was there but not warm, the air was cold, and the grown-up clothes were flailing in a very high and frigid wind.  Not everyone could get their clothing to flail, but all four of the things I had on were flowy, and only my new near crew-cut kept me from injuring my eyes with flailing hair.  It was disastrous in a very me-centred way, and I turned back after a block or two.

When I got home, I let the seduction of the laptop get at me, and soon I was clicking on a Pinterest link that was going to tell me all about how to set up a Mother's Day brunch.  I have no intention of setting up a Mother's Day brunch, but in the hope of inspiring someone else, I chose some recipes that were really, really decadent to send to Emily.  Think Pancake Dippers with crisp bacon in the middle and raspberry sourcream dip; think Deep chocolate cake with merlot icing; think banana chocolate wafer stacks.  Then think of the fact that I'm still sticking to the "life changes" I had to make to lose 30 pounds, and you'll see that with flowy clothes, high winds and access to recipes, it's not easy to be grown-up.

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  1. It feels like fall here, I hate this delayed spring. I'd love to be brave enough to go to a place for a glass of wine or a meal alone, but it's the ONE thing I have still not been able to do, as a grown up. Is that crazy?! I think it might be.
    I weighed myself yesterday, with tragic results, yet I managed to eat a huge bag of dill pickle chips last night while watching Jeopardy. Self-sabotage much?