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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Photophobic, or at least I should be

I just did a quick review of the photos I have access to, and I have to admit, I'm mortified on at least two counts:  there is no organization to the collection, and at least a third of them have to do with hair.

How shallow is that?  How self-indulgent is that?  How annoying that must be to Dave, whose photos are arranged by date taken, in files whose names actually explain what to expect, and whose captions are witty.

Captions on my photos reflect something that seemed highly amusing when I wrote them, but with time, have lost any meaning.  My files are named things like "incredibly adorable 2012" and "never again, and I mean it".

I actually have a photo file named "important/finances" in which there is nothing.

Harper enhanced 
And then, there is this.

I am organized and retired.  I have the skills to smack this bunch of memories into shape.  I have the self-discipline.  I'm going to redeem myself.

Nah, I'm going to go read now, and maybe make some toast.


  1. I'd opt for a toast and a good book over getting organized. ;)

  2. I am organized mostly by date but one can't always remember when or where. :(

  3. Organized photos are over-rated!!
    Half my problems are hair related.

  4. Sounds organized to me, mine are all in one box with no label.