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Friday, 23 May 2014

Quoth the raven...

I jump a lot if someone suddenly appears in front of me.  Then I laugh, because I wasn't really scared, I was just surprised.

I've been known to make a noise considered by other people to be a scream when something like a leaf falls on me when I'm out walking.  Again, a surprise reaction.

Last night, and almost every night since Dave left, this building does its best to make me jump or scream.  And, sadly, I've been scared.  Just like a StarTrek red shirt or a silly teenager in a horror movie though, I go (looking fearless) to see what is going on.  Usually, a paper has been blown to the floor by the air conditioner, or someone walking down the hallway has keyed my door, or the dishwasher has thrown a wineglass against its neighbour.  

I don't remember feeling this way before---a little bit brave, a little bit not, and then chastising myself for my lack of ...what? testosterone?  guts?... or my overdose of imagination?

So that's why the little amber lamp in the shape of a duck that sits on my desk stays on 24/7.  Not my fault.  It's the building.  The certified-green building on Night's Plutonian shore that we moved into because we're green by nature, (and by "we", I mean Dave) and definitely not the kind of people who leave lights on unnecessarily.


  1. I have to leave a light on too. It started about a year ago and I have no idea why. I also can be scare/startled easily. Even if I watch someone come up and go boo, I'll still jump and squeal. haha!

  2. I have the perfect light which reconciles me with being green: a salt rock lamp… check this out ma chère:

  3. Is Dave traveling? I sure had to get used to living alone but it's rare that I feel frightened in my old age.

  4. Sue has quite a dramatic startle reaction. I can startle her by simply having the temerity to walk around my own house.

  5. Ha Ha Anvilcloud!
    Oh Lorna, I'm just the same ... a leaf blows across my path and I'll jump and squeak. I totally understand and am glad to learn that I am not the only one. Also, when I used to come over to this house (before we were living here) just to work at the computer, and would put the furnace on, it would make noises that sounded like someone slowly coming down the hallway. I KNEW I was alone but ... it unnerved me anyway. Which is why it was helpful to bring Ducky Doodle with me. Dogs always let you know IF there is anyone there who shouldn't be. If he wasn't barking or growling, I had no worries. Maybe you will have to get yourself a doggy friend!