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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Rally, rally!!

Today, I am taking a break from my usual cause, and making plans to take up a new, totally selfish, universal campaign to eliminate clothing tags.  No one needs to know after the first wash, dry-cleaning, or smacking with a beater-bar, the care-for instructions...since it's bought does it matter if it's 100% cotton or 98 % polyester and 2 % spandex?

No! I say with conviction.  It does matter though if that tag, which is inundated with metallic threads and probably something toxic, starts to make you crazy when you're in the bus, or walking downtown, or even more importantly, when you're lying in bed trying to control your monkey-brain at 3 in the morning.

Stand behind me!  Raise your voice for tagless clothing and my peace of mind!


  1. But then, we'll never know if it's made in China... and how about those care instructions?
    XOX Eve

  2. Viva la revolution!!

  3. It's good to take scissors to against a sea of tags and by opposing end them. To live to sleep some more.