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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

the Mind is a Wonderful Thing

Yesterday, I got an invitation to a meeting I thought I might like to go to, so I went to my Google Calendar to see if I was free that day.  Imagine my addle-headed surprise when I discovered it was May 26th, and the meeting was on May 26th, and I was still at May 18th in my head.

I'm going to posit that as you zip through your Golden Age, your brain takes on the ability to split calendar life into two portions:  the one which closely resembles your memory of what day it might possibly be and the one which kicks you out of the house in time for your doctor's appointment or dinner with friends but doesn't scream the actual date as it's doing it.  

I actually need a third portion:  the one that makes you sit down, tears in your eyes, when you realize that the present date was once the occasion of something wonderful in your life.

Asith before he was 40
That didn't happen to me today, but it will soon I hope, when I see the Facebook reminder that it's Asith's 40th birthday, and I'll spend hours thinking about how little and skinny and shy he was the day he showed up with his mother and sister on our doorstep and the Ranaweera family changed us all forever.
Asith with Robyn on her 1st birthday


  1. Using google calendar is good because it shoots you reminders.

  2. I have to use 3 or 4 calendars in order to keep up with things. I even have one on my kitchen counter that I use to make sure I remember to take all my meds every day. Oy...

  3. I'm the same way! Now that I have no kids in school, every day is the weekend for me! My working friends are scheduled right to their bra straps and me, I just toddle along, oblivious to the day.