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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Domestic mysteries

Last night, after I finished reading, I put my Kobo e-reader on my bedside table.  A few minutes ago, when I woke up and decided to read, I grabbed my glasses from on top of the Kobo, then noticed that the e-reader had not turned itself off, as it is supposed to do after 10 minutes of no action.  Eerie.

The other night, I was awakened at precisely 3:13 a.m. by the screaming of a talking doll which had been inside a box that fell off a shelf in my closet.  It was cheerleading Elmo, who stood on the floor moving his arms as he was chanting  E-L-M-O.  Super eerie.

When I sat down to write about eerie things, I heard a noise from outside my bedroom, went out to see what it was, and the dishwasher door had opened itself.  It was still quivering when I got to the kitchen.

If I were 12 instead of elderly, I would have to turn myself in as a poltergeist. 


  1. Did you check to see if the cookie monster was hiding under your bed?

  2. Things that go ___ in the night.

  3. That's all a bit freaky. Cool freaky.