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Friday, 13 June 2014

A slightly different point of view

It seems lately that all my posts are smartass posts, which is only partly reflective of the real me.  I noticed that because I was thinking of Dave and my dad as Fathers' Day is approaching, and realized that I had just decided to postpone writing until I stopped crying over my incredible joy in the fathers who are close to me.  That now includes Chris, Bruce and Morgan, fathers to our grandchildren, although that is probably not how they identify  themselves.  To a lesser but still surprising degree, it includes some men I know who look out for me in ways that seem fatherly.  

I had intended to import a post I'd written a few years ago but decided against it, even though it is very true, because it focussed so entirely on my dad.  

I am glad I wrote that post, I still feel it, but today I want to be more inclusive.  I want to recognize all those wonderful men who have treated me with the love and respect and worry that is appropriate in a description of a father.   It's not a common perspective :  a woman in her 70s expressing gratitude for the fatherliness of people from such an age range, but I am so conscious today of all of those people, and so blessed.

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